Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour - Carmen will be performed with subtitles to complement the French singing. Subtitles are English translations projected onto a screen below the stage, but don't worry if you can't follow every word as the action will convey a great deal of the story. If you wear glasses make sure you bring them along.


There will be one 35 minute interval which will allow you to have a drink, freshen-up and stretch your legs. When you hear the bells ringing, it's time to return to your seats.


Opera audiences are famous for their passionate involvement in the performance. Don't be alarmed if the people around you start stomping their feet at the end of the performance, this is an opera tradition to show your enjoyment and appreciation, feel free to join in if you like. All applause will be gratefully received, although it is polite to wait until the singing and music has stopped.


The recording (audio or video) and taking of photos (including camera phones) during the performance is prohibited.

Mobile phones

We request that mobile phones are turned off prior to the performance. If you must keep your phone turned on, please place it on silent or vibrate mode. Please also remember that light from your phone may be distracting to other audience members.